In hand manipulation skills using broken crayons

In order to work on in-hand manipulation skills with some kids, I decided to use little pieces of broken off crayon.  I had them hold two crayons at the same time, one in their palm, and one in their fingers.  Then I had them draw a shape (I had circles and rainbows) with one color, manipulate the crayons in their hand to switch to the next one, and draw with the other color. This was a challenge for all of {Read More}

Big Mouth Creature with clothespin to open the mouth

I saw these Big Mouth Critters on a blog called Whimsical Publishing, and thought that they were so cute, and that it would be a great activity for some of my students to do. Some kids need the challenge of following the folding directions and trying to make the creature themselves, but others have trouble with folding and do better if there are fold lines or similar to help them with the concept of where to fold. I figured if {Read More}

Friday Share: Twisted Puzzles, adapted crayon, torn paper owl, and using cotton balls

Twist (literally) on Puzzles Part #2   from Your Therapy Source – by Your Therapy Source Inc Your Therapy Source posted an activity that came from an idea on Pinterest about changing up puzzles.  Basically, using any picture or text that you would like, you can create a twisting puzzle.  Go visit them to see how to do it. How to make an adapted crayon   from Notes from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist by Abby Abby showed how she {Read More}