Big Mouth Creature with clothespin to open the mouth

I saw these Big Mouth Critters on a blog called Whimsical Publishing, and thought that they were so cute, and that it would be a great activity for some of my students to do. Some kids need the challenge of following the folding directions and trying to make the creature themselves, but others have trouble with folding and do better if there are fold lines or similar to help them with the concept of where to fold. I figured if {Read More}

Paper folded flowers

I like to work on many skills within the same activity, and these folded flowers definitely do that.  I discovered these via pinterest, and they are originally on Whimsical World of Laura Bird. I often have kids that need to work on writing small enough to fit into a specified space, such as writing answers on a worksheet, or filling in a form, so I added a writing box in the flowers for the students to write something that they {Read More}

Paper Toys Website

With higher level kids, I look for activities that will challenge them mentally as well as physically.  Paper folding can be challenging visual-perceptually as well as the difficulty with fine motor and manipulating the paper in the right way.  A cute website that has different toy patterns to print, cut, and fold out of paper is called The Toy Maker.  She has a whole page of free printables, and she has a book on amazon too called The Toymaker’s Christmas: {Read More}

Snowflake Cutting

Cutting out snowflakes is a winter tradition. Some clients will be able to cut them out with just a demonstration of how to fold and cut the shapes, but for younger clients, you can draw the shapes onto the paper and have them cut out the shapes. These work best when the paper is folded several times into a triangle. Cut shapes and pieces out of the sides, but don’t cut off all of the sides. Folding the paper uses {Read More}

Cootie Catcher (Fortune Teller)

Any square piece of paper can be made into a Cootie Catcher. Fold two corners together and crease firmly. unfold.  Then fold the other two corners together and crease again. Fold each corner point into the center. flip it over and fold all four of these corners into the center. Under the inside flaps, you have to write a fortune or prediction. On top of those flaps, you need to write a number. On the outside flaps you need to {Read More}