Battleship to work on fine motor skills

The mini travel games really challenge fine motor skills because the pieces are much smaller than the full size games. I love the connect 4 to go game, so I had to try out the tiny Battleship Travel Game as well. The little pegs are very, very tiny, so they can be great for someone who needs that extra challenge, but could be frustrating for someone who has poor fine motor abilities. If the child doesn’t need an extra challenge, {Read More}

Game Made With Golf Tees and Marbles

This summer, we spent some time on Hawai’i, the big island. We had a wonderful trip, and while there we were introduced to the game Konane. It is a game that is usually carved into lava rock or wood, and the game pieces are black and white shells or stones. I reproduced the game by pushing golf tees into a cork board. It would be easier to use a foam board though. I placed the tees with 8 rows across {Read More}

Roll a Shape Game

I was working on visual perceptual games and wanted to get the kids to work on visually scanning to find what they are looking for. To do this, I came up with a game I call Roll a Shape Game, using 12 dice with shapes on them. I also made cards with shapes on them so that I could give the cards to the kids so they would know what shapes they were looking for. When playing the game, I {Read More}