Munchy Ball Bug Quest Game

$ 48.95

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This is a game where you have to find the bugs and feed them to the Munchy Ball. You have a pack of cards with pictures of the bug that you need to find and feed the Munchy Ball. This game uses small realistic plastic bugs. Some of the cards have you miss a turn and lose bugs. Each bug card has a point value, so you can keep score by counting up the points, or just by counting up the bugs. It would be fun to use chopsticks or tweezers to pick up the bugs and feed to the Munchy Ball, but chopsticks and tweezers are not included.


  • 2 Munchy Balls (assorted colors)
  • 24 realistic plastic bugs
  • Card deck
  • Shredded paper to hide the bugs in

If you already have Munchy Balls and just want to order the bugs and cards, that is an option.

The Munchy Balls included will be two of random color of blue, yellow, purple, or orange, depending on availability. If you would like specific colors, you can include a message and request the colors and we will try our best to make sure you get the colors you want if they are available. You can include a note if you prefer a specific color, otherwise colors will be chosen at random and dependent on what is available.

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