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Rainbow Puzzle game

I made a fun little game for spring with rainbows and words.  I call it the rainbow puzzle game, and you can download it for free (you can also find it in the shops).  You have to roll 3 dice first, a number dice, a color dice, and a word…
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Roll a Sentence Game

I am always on a quest for fun and interesting ways to work on writing and school skills. I have been on a bit of a dice kick, so I created a writing game using dice with words on them. The game has 4 noun dice, 4 verb dice, and 4 descriptive…
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Foam Dice Cubes

I have been using dice a lot in therapy, and playing games with letters to have kids work on their writing, so I wanted to combine the two, and had some other games that use dice, but I wanted to make my own dice with my own stuff on them (more…