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Foam Dice Cubes

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I have been using dice a lot in therapy, and playing games with letters to have kids work on their writing, so I wanted to combine the two, and had some other games that use dice, but I wanted to make my own dice with my own stuff on them (more on that later).

foam cubes 1

I searched Amazon and found these foam cubes that are perfect for adding my own things onto them to use as dice. I put the alphabet and numbers on some, and have put words on other ones. I am currently in love with these foam cubes as I have found many uses for them, and they come in such a large amount that I am not afraid of making mistakes as I can just make another one.  I did find an Alphabet Dice   on Amazon as well, and may get it, but the foam cubes have come in handy for so many other things.

foam cubes 2 There are many many games in my future.  What would you use these cubes for?

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  1. I like to use these kind of blocks as a visual perceptual game where we take turns matching a creation from the other. You can work on spatial relations and attention to detail. These are also about the right size to pick up with chopsticks for fine motor games.

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