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Using a squeeze bulb for fine motor gardening

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The whole act of gardening is good for both the body and soul. Getting your hands dirty in the soil and digging is great for working your hands and for sensory calming. Pulling out vegetables and pulling out weeds can work the arms and trunk, but you can also work on the smaller muscles when gardening.

Kids love to help around the house and yard, and watering the plants is a perfect task for young children. They can carry a watering can, or use a water bottle to water plants. We have just started some seeds, and the perfect way to give water to the seeds in their little seed starter spaces is with a bulb water dropper.

You can work the little finger muscles every day by giving the little seeds some water using the squeeze bulb. It is great finger work to suck water up into the dropper and then squeeze it onto the starting seeds. So perfect for some spring and summer fine motor work that is easy to make into a part of every day life.

How is your garden coming along?

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