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Scooter Board Rope Pull

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scooterboard1webWheeee!! Scooterboards can be such fun, but they are a lot of work. There is some serious upper extremity strengthening going on. Using the rope is good for kids who can’t quite propel themselves on the scooterboard yet. Knots tied in the rope make it easier for the kids to hold on. The easiest is for the client to lay prone on the board and hold onto the rope while being pulled around.

scooterboard 2web

The next level is to have the rope tied off on the floor and have the client reach for the rope and pull himself forward using the rope. I will tie the rope to the leg of a chair if nothing else is available. If you can pull yourself up hill, your will get even stronger. I love scooterboard ramps (wish I had a picture of one). What goes up, must come down, which is the fun part (just don’t let anyone get hurt, K?).

scooterboard 3web

When pulling along the floor, you need to have things to knock down, such as blocks, boxes, bowling pins. Anything light just in case it falls on the head.



  • Scooterboard (could improvise with a skateboard, or make your own.  Mine is home made.)
  • Rope – jump ropes work great
  • In a dream clinic, you would have a scooter board ramp



  • Hand strength
  • Back/core strength
  • Arm strength
  • Range of motion


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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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