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UnBuckle Me

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At Therapy Fun Zone, we focus a lot on activities for children that develop their skills. However, I was recently contacted by an Occupational Therapist, who has invented a new product to help adults who struggle to unbuckle their child’s car seats. I expect many of you will know someone in your family who can relate. No surprise, since I learned that it requires at least 9 lbs. of force to unbuckle, using only the thumb.

This new product is called UnbuckleMe, and it is a small, lightweight accessory that applies leverage to reduce the force required to unbuckle a child’s car seat by more than 50%. As a new grandmother, Barbra Heilman was frustrated that she could not unbuckle her granddaughter’s car seat, due to arthritis in her thumb. So she decided to invent a solution. She is working with her daughter, Becca Davison, to bring this essential new product to market.

They have launched their product on Kickstarter and you can find it here:

I encourage you to check it out if you know someone who will find this valuable. I love the creativity of OT.


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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.
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