OT Month Giveaway of a Munchy Ball Pond Jump Game and a download

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To celebrate OT month, it is time for a giveaway.  The most popular choice is the Munchy Ball pond jump game with four balls.  Second up is a download of your choice.  The first one is only open to those in the U.S., but the download can be open to anyone.  They are separate giveaways so you have to enter both of them if you want a chance to win both of them.

munchy ball game giveaway

Did you know that you can now buy the Munchy Ball game on Amazon?

Just enter in the rafflecopter, and I would love a message in the comments about what your favorite fine motor activity is.

Good luck.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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  1. Having kids “feed” the funny face tennis ball while I make sound effects. They love it!

  2. I LOVE the paper battleship game….I use it with all ages….from kindergarten to middle school. It works on so many skills at the same time and really keeps the kids engaged. I have made lots of copies for ‘homework’ and the kids say they really like to play it with their parents and siblings at home :)

  3. My current favorite fine motor activity is using the rainbow loom – the kids are soooo motivated

  4. I love to use play doh to work on fine motor skills. So many options…we hide things in it, roll and cut it with scissors, use cookie cutters or just use our imaginations for tons of fun.

  5. Play doh can be used for so many things. Emotion faces, Pictionary type game to guess words/objects, hide things, make different textures to feel and much much more.

  6. I like using magnetic chip and wands, and so do our kids! It can be as simple as doing “magic” and making them “jump” onto the wand and then pluck them off one at a time – great bilateral activity. They can place them into a container with a small slot, as they take them off. Lately we’ve had our kids place them on pictures to create designs, like placing spots on the butterfly (they can be randomly placed or you can have pre-drawn spots and incorporate color matching). Of course you can do color, letter, any kind of bingo/lotto using the chips and wand to work on more concepts.

  7. Are to pick one favorite! I guess it would using mini clothes pins and play dough as my favorites

  8. My Pre-Primary children(=K in Western Australia) are at the moment enjoying using large tweezers and play dough with added items like matchsticks & silicon patty pans. I’m going to try and make some munchy balls for them to use next term. They always look for the new activity that I make for each week.

  9. Using tweezers is super fun! I make different games to motivate the kids and use different types of tweezers to pick up various objects.

  10. My favorite activity for my little guy is Theraputty – especially molding it and then cutting it. :)

  11. Finding objects in theraputty and using tweezers to pull them out then feed “mr mouth”/tennis ball!:)

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