Rolling Crate (or, welcome to my mobile office)

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As a traveling school therapist, I would be lost without my rolling cart that I drag along from school to school, carrying the essentials to do my job. This is the third and best crate that I have had. The first one I had for years and never really used because I wasn’t traveling. When I started doing the school job, I found that the crate in my closet was too small (and it was broken). I got a new one at Target, and it was also too small and broke quickly. The newest one I got at Office Depot (I think) and it is just right. It is bigger than the other ones, and the best part is that it has a lid so that I can put stuff in it and then pile more stuff on top of it. Perfect.

A few things that I carry in my cart.

I carry files and necessary paperwork in the briefcase on top. My car has more toys, games, and office supplies.

rolling crate web

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  1. Love it-it is all too familiar as my looks very similar! I am also a school-based OT working out of Iowa. I love your ideas along with the pictures!

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