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Button Snake

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When learning to button, it is easier to button large buttons on fabric that you are holding rather than fabric that is on your body. In order to practice this skill, I made a “button snake”.

button snake 1web

It is a very simple activity of squares of fabric with button holes in the center. I then stitched a large button on one end of a piece of ribbon, and a smaller button on the other end. The large button is a stopper, and doesn’t fit through the hole.

button snake 2web

This activity is possibly the easiest one involving buttons and fabric. The button push-ins activity is easier, but does not involve fabric.

button snake 3web

Some learn to dress dolls have easy buttons to practice on, but others are still harder than practicing on a fabric button snake. I enjoy using the button food to practice buttons with.


  • Fabric squares with button holes
  • Ribbon
  • Large button
  • Smaller button


  • Fine motor
  • Bimanual
  • Visual perceptual
  • Adl
  • Buttoning



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