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Greeper Laces Never Come Untied

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Tying shoes is an important skill to learn, and there are many tricks that can be used, which I have posted about before. At some point, you may decide that the process of tying is no longer the goal, but just having your shoes tied is the important part.


Greeper laces are an awesome adaptation that makes it easy to loosen and tighten your shoes, and they never come untied.  Check out the Greeper website.

greeper laces

The laces are laced onto the shoes the opposite way of regular shoelaces with the loose ends toward the toes. Up at the top of the shoe, the laces are looped like bows through a spring clamp. This makes it possible to loosen and tighten them by pulling the laces through the clamp.

greeper laces application

These laces were originally created for runners so that their laces would stay tied. They are also great for anyone who wants an easy way to tie their shoes and keep them tied.  Below is a video showing how they work.



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