Make Button Flowers

Flowers make a great spring time activity, and there are so many ways to incorporate flowers into therapy to work on fine motor, visual motor, and coordination. I have many flower activities, such as ones that use clothes pins, but today we are using buttons in our flower activity. It is so simple to make your own button flower, and all you need is some felt, pipe cleaner, and buttons. I will show you how to make the simple version, {Read More}

Recycled Egg Carton Garden Games

Pinching small objects is great for working on fine motor skills, so when I saw this cute carrot harvest idea on Powerful Mothering. I immediately thought it would be perfect for some of the kids that I work with. I wanted to give it more of a purpose for the different aged kids that I see, so I made two different games out of it. For both of the games you turn the egg carton upside down and poke a {Read More}

Fun Fine Motor Spider Webs

I love the look of spider webs, and they are such a beautiful work of art. Here are some spider webs made out of pipe cleaner and popsicle sticks. You place the popsicle sticks (or other pipe cleaners) in cross patterns and duct tape them together. Then you wind the pipe cleaner around in a pattern to make the spider web. It is quite a visual motor challenge to get the pipe cleaner wrapped around correctly, but the great thing {Read More}

Fishing for letters

To work on a combination of skills, I made some fish with letters on them, added some pipe cleaner to make it metallic, and made some fishing poles out of pipe cleaner and magnets.  Fishing is a great way to work on bimanual hand skills, fine motor skills, visual perceptual, and motor planning.  I used a Munchy Ball to hold the fish, so we worked on hand strengthening as well.  The letters on the fish helped us work on writing {Read More}

Fine Motor Wiffle Ball Creatures

This is a fairly open ended activity that works on fine motor skills, motor planning, visual perception, and planning in general as you try to make creatures and structures that will stand up. I used practice golf balls that have the holes in them and some pipe cleaners. I wish that I had brought some sticky googly eyes as that would have made the creatures even better.   It was great fine motor work just threading the pipe cleaners through {Read More}