Is Sensory Over Used?

I have run into multiple circumstances (with multiple families) in the past where caregivers are insisting that their child has a sensory disorder. The child is evaluated and the sensory function is determined to be typical of other children. The problem lies in the fact that the caregiver continues to insist that the child has a sensory problem where there isn’t one. There are many children who have sensory problems that are affecting their life, but there is also a {Read More}

Citrus Orchard Play Dough with Printable

Winter in Southern California is orange season, and the smell of citrus is just wonderful.  I made an orchard play dough mat and made some orange and lemon play dough to go along with it.  To make the experience even better, I added lemon essential oil to the yellow play dough and citrus/orange essential oil to the orange play dough. Print out and laminate the play dough mats and then you can make little oranges and lemons out of the {Read More}

Fine Motor Coordination Speed

We talk a lot about doing fine motor activities and there are a lot of them available. Another aspect of motor ability though is the speed of the motor response. I can see a student’s motor response speed when we play the game with the balls and cup. I roll small bouncy balls across a table and the student has to catch them in a cup as they roll off of the table. The ball and cup game is great {Read More}

Fishing for letters

To work on a combination of skills, I made some fish with letters on them, added some pipe cleaner to make it metallic, and made some fishing poles out of pipe cleaner and magnets.  Fishing is a great way to work on bimanual hand skills, fine motor skills, visual perceptual, and motor planning.  I used a Munchy Ball to hold the fish, so we worked on hand strengthening as well.  The letters on the fish helped us work on writing {Read More}

Keeping Active in the Summer: Tennis

It is Summer and the kids are out of school.  During school, the kids have recess and P.E. most days so they stay relatively active and work on many skills during school.  In the Summer, if left to their own devices, many kids will choose to watch TV or play video and computer games a bit more than is good for them.  They will then miss out on those skill building activities. Some of the best ways to build skills {Read More}