The right bite feeding therapy tool

How many kids do you work with that try to stuff a whole huge cracker into their mouth?  How many times have you been bitten when working on taking bites of food (never for me, but I have been bitten doing other oral motor activities).  Ark has just introduced a new product called the Right Bite that you can place food into, and only a small amount of the food comes out of the hole to be bitten off. It {Read More}

Pine Cone Bird Feeder and Spreading with a Knife

Spreading can be a challenge for many kids, so here is a fun activity that helps practice. You use a pine cone and attach a wire or string to the top of it so that you can hang it once it is finished. You then spread peanut butter all over the pine cone. It can be messy, and obviously not an activity for someone who is allergic to peanuts, but alternate butters can be used, such as sun butter (made {Read More}

Vibration For Oral Motor Stimulation

I am seeing a little girl who enjoys eating, but she does not yet move her tongue to the side (tongue lateralization) in order to move her food around in her mouth. I will often use vibration in the mouth to stimulate more tongue and cheek movement. Sometimes I will have parents get a baby vibrating toothbrush to use (yes these are real), but for this little girl, I tried out the DnZ-Vibe by ARK. The great thing about using {Read More}

Spaghetti Painting for Sensory Problems

I have a few kids that I see who do not like food. I like to use food as a play tool in order to help make food their friend because they need to accept being around food, so using spaghetti noodles as a painting tool is a fun activity. Some kids love it immediately, and others need to do it a few times to even look at the spaghetti and then more times to even get close to touching {Read More}

Peanut Butter Playdough Recipe:

Playing with playdoh is fun, and if you can eat the playdoh when you are done, it can be even more fun.  It is also a good way to play with food for kids that have problems with eating. Ingredients: 1 cup of smooth/creamy peanut butter 2 cups of powdered sugar 1/2 cup honey Mix all the ingredients together – if it seems a little too dry at first, you can stick it in the microwave for a few seconds {Read More}