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The right bite feeding therapy tool

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How many kids do you work with that try to stuff a whole huge cracker into their mouth?  How many times have you been bitten when working on taking bites of food (never for me, but I have been bitten doing other oral motor activities).  Ark has just introduced a new product called the Right Bite that you can place food into, and only a small amount of the food comes out of the hole to be bitten off.

right bite 1

It can be held by the person taking the bites, or by the therapist, and it was created by a speech therapist.  Invented by Jaci Dale, MS, CCC-SLP and developed by ARK Therapeutic, the Right Bite solves this problem by allowing you to present a prescribed, manageable amount of food to the individual. Simply slide a cookie, cracker, or other food into the opening until it protrudes from the semi-circle opening. Then offer the Right Bite to the individual and instruct him/her to “take a bite.” Since only a portion of the food is presented at a time, the Right Bite encourages appropriate bite sizes, prevents mouth stuffing, and paces the rate of eating to allow for adequate chewing time.

Thanks to ARK Therapeutic for developing this product and sending one for me to try out.

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