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Home Made Table Ice Hockey Game

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This game takes a bit of time to put together, but it isn’t hard, and the materials are quite cheap.  I made the game originally to play in the pool, but I think that it actually works better played on a table, and I think that it would be fun to play it out in the snow too.  It is essentially like an air hockey table, but without air.  The puck can be a large piece of ice, or a ball, and the hockey paddles are pieces of pool noodle.  The hockey table is made out of a piece of plastic (I used a cheap plastic shower curtain) attached to pool noodles with duct tape.  I used the plastic so that the ice would be able to move on it easily.

home made ice hockey 1

You have to make goal space out of other pool noodle pieces so that you know when someone scores a point.  The game works well using squirt guns to move the balls back and forth between goals as well.

home made ice hockey 2

This game involves reflexes to block the ball/ice, and visual perception, as well as motor speed and motor planning.


  • pool noodles
  • plastic shower curtain
  • duct tape
  • ice, or ball as the puck


  • motor planning
  • visual perception
  • hand strength with squirt guns

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