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Simple matching with clothespins

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This is a very simple activity that is easily used with a scooterboard or other motor activity.  You start with clothespins at one end of the room with numbers written on them.  The child attaches the clothespins to the bottom of their shirt.  You could have a ribbon for them to attach them to if you want.  Then the student must get on the scooterboard and go down to the other end of the room where there is a paper with numbers all around it.  They then have to clip the clothespins on to the numbers and match them.

clothespin matching 1

clothespin matching 2

clothespin matching 3

Here is a printable number card for free.  I have trouble stopping at just one thing though, so there is a download for purchase in the the store with numbers, colors, dots to count and match, and alphabet.  There are also squares that can be velcroed to the clothespins so that it is easy to change which activity you are doing.  Included on these are colors, numbers, color words, number words, and alphabet.

number match copy

clothespin matching front page copy



  • fine motor
  • upper body strength
  • visual perception

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.
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