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Dexteria App Review

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Most of the apps that I have been using lately have been for me improve my productivity and paperwork, or as a reward for a student at the end of the therapy work. That being said, I recently tried out the Dexteria App to see what it does and how I might use it.


There are three parts to the app, so I will discuss them each individually. The first part works on finger movement and isolation. You place your thumb on a spot and then have to tap spots that pop up with the correct finger. I really liked this part and can see how you can really work on getting individual finger movement. Curious as to whether you can modify it to fit a specific person’s needs though. Maybe someone only needs to work on two fingers, or they need to go slow to be successful. I don’t think that you can change it, but could probably just use it differently.

The second section works on pinching. It is a great idea, but I find that pinching on the ipad is very difficult to do because your finger pads lose contact with the screen due to fingernails. I have used ipad chopsticks to combat this problem but then you aren’t exactly working on pinching any more. I do like the pinching, you just have to make sure the finger nails are super short.

The final section practices letter formation. In this one, you follow letters and have to stay inside the lines. Nothing really special here, and there are lots of apps that work on letters.

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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  1. One thing that I like about the app is the pinching portion. What I have my kids do is to pinch with the side of the thumb and finger. This puts their hand into more of a writing position versus straight up and down. They also have to tuck their other fingers in or it won’t work. Some of my students took a while to get it to work, but once they did they were so proud of themselves. It does get very difficult as the crabs start moving at the end though.

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