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Q-Tip Painting

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When I think of therapy activities, I keep in mind what skill I am looking to improve. When trying to challenge someone’s fine motor skills, I try to come up with tiny things to hold. I figured that Q-tips were pretty tiny, so how about we do some painting with them. I made them even smaller by breaking them so that there was just a little bit of the stick to hold onto.

q tip painting 1web

Q-tips really are a great tool for painting detailed projects. They have the right amount of absorbency, and it is easy to have a different Q-tip for each color you are using.

q tip painting 2web

Using the small Q-tips really forces the use of just the finger in a tripod grasp. Using the Q-tips would work well with sidewalk chalk paint as well.

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  • Q-tips
  • Paper
  • Paint


  • Fine motor
  • Handwriting
  • Finger strength



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  1. I have created wonderful q tip painting templates to work on distal control. Is there any where I could post them?

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