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Movement Break with a Bungee Chair

I have kids in higher grades like middle school and high school who are in need of some extreme movement, but a trampoline or ball is not the right tool for them, and does not work in their setting.  These Bungee Chairs give some good movement,…
Nature is necessary to our bodies -- Therapy Fun Zone
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The Need for Nature

In our crazy lives of work, school, computer, TV, and weekend activities, sometimes I feel like we are not getting our essential dose of nature. Life gets crazy and hectic, and we get stressed and over whelmed. I could have had a difficult…
therapy fun zone; multi position writing activity
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Multi Position Writing Activity

This week I wanted to incorporate some targeted fine motor and hand strengthening in our sessions, and then follow up with some writing tasks. I used the foam letter squares that I made for the pool writing activity. I spread all of the foam…
is sensory over used?
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Is Sensory Over Used?

I have run into multiple circumstances (with multiple families) in the past where caregivers are insisting that their child has a sensory disorder. The child is evaluated and the sensory function is determined to be typical of other children.…
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Citrus Orchard Play Dough with Printable

Winter in Southern California is orange season, and the smell of citrus is just wonderful.  I made an orchard play dough mat and made some orange and lemon play dough to go along with it.  To make the experience even better, I added lemon…