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More Road Writing

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When I was using the road maps with some students, they had a very hard time following the paths, so I decided to simplify it even more. A couple of these kids had trouble drawing a line from one point to another. I figured a good transition would be having a car follow a road from one point to another.

road writing 1web

This hopefully would translate to writing letters, so I wanted to be able to make the letters out of roads too.

road writing 2web

Of course I couldn’t find anything on the market that would work for this, so I made my own. This has taken me most of this school year to get it finished, but the kids that I have been using it with are very motivated by the cars.

road writing 3web

I printed the roads on Magnet Sheets and then laminated the tops of them. This way, we can build the roads and letters on a magnetic white board, and then we can drive the cars over them and then draw with a dry erase crayon or marker over them.

road writing 4web

I have the kids try to duplicate the roads and letters that I make. It is great for working on visual perceptual skills, and the cars are a good motivator.

road writing 5web

road writing 6web

road writing 7web



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