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Practicing Tying Shoes with Loopers Laces

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Occupational Therapists create stuff. It’s what we do. I am thrilled to share products that have been conceived and created by other OTs. Today’s product is Loopers Laces, which was created specifically to help with working on learning to tie shoes.

loopers laces 1

The Loopers Shoelace tying system comes with 2 little mini practice shes that are laced with the special practice laces. These practice laces have Velcro placed on them to hold the “bunny ears” in position while the tying of the lace is being finished. It works best using the double loop “bunny ear” technique of tying shoes.

loopers laces 2

These laces are not meant to be worn on your shoes. (There are now some laces that can be used on shoes called I Can Tie Shoelaces.)  The idea behind them is that you use the special laces to practice, and once it is mastered, it makes it easier to then succeed in tying regular laces on a regular shoe. I can see how this can be successful because it helps work on the backward chaining of shoe tying.

loopers laces

Go check out the Loopers Laces website and see if they would be useful to you.

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