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Sweet Potato Play Dough

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This Summer, I was running a group with kids that avoid food, so we played with all kinds of foods to get some pleasant associations with the smells and tastes. I wanted to make every day food into a fun activity, and one of the things we did was make play dough out of sweet potatoes.


I used cooked sweet potato, marshmallow fluff, and cinnamon. We mashed the ingredients all together until it was the consistency of play dough, and played with it like play dough. You could add food colors to make the play dough different colors, but we just used the process of making it and then playing with it and tasting it.


The sweet potato play dough tastes delicious, and it was great to have the wonderful smell. One student in my group has trouble dealing with food smells, so this was a really good activity for him to play with and interact with.



  • Sweet potato
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Cinnamon


  • Sensory
  • Feeding
  • Fine motor


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  1. what are the measurements for this recipe. I really want to use it at a sweet potato festival we are hosting.

  2. When I made it, I added the ingredients until I got the right texture rather than by measuring them out, so I don’t know what the exact measurements are.

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