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Spatula Flip for hand strength and range of motion

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Another activity that I had my son do while working on strengthening his hand and forearm after his broken arm, is flipping bean bags with a spatula. I did not have any bean bags, so I put some beans in a baggie and taped it closed. To make the game interesting, I taped some pictures of pancakes onto the bags so that he would be flipping pancakes.

spatula flip 1

He found it very difficult to do with any accuracy, and said that it was too hard. Then I demonstrated how easy it was to do myself, and he didn’t believe me, so he tried it with his non-dominant, uninjured hand, and it was easy for him. With practice, he was able to get better control and be able to do it with his injured hand.

spatula flip 2

pancakes copy


  • bean bags
  • spatula


  • hand strength
  • forearm supination and pronation

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