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Cut the Buttons iPad app giveaway

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I have not had a chance to review the app Cut the Buttons, but it looks really cute.  The maker of the app has given me some codes to use.  I have both iPad and iPhone codes, so to enter to win a code, just comment on which type of code you would want, an iPad or an iPhone code.  The contest will complete on Monday the 25th.

cut the buttons

The game looks very cute, and looks like good fine motor work.

Leave a comment if you would like to win a code for this game.  The give-away is now closed, and the winners have been randomly chosen.

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  1. This looks like something I would love to add to my toolbox!

  2. I love your website and have used many of your ideas in therapy. I was just telling my interventionist that the cut the button would be a great iPad app for their class. Of course, they never have money to buy apps. What a great way to make an OT look good!

  3. I love your website and used it for many ideas. I was just telling my interventionist teacher what a great app cut the buttons would be for their classroom. As always they never have money to purchase apps. What a great way to make OT’s look good. Will give a shout out to you, if picked!!!!!!!

  4. I would like to win the iPad code. The game looks neat and fun to use with my elementary OT kiddoes!

  5. I would love to have the ipad code to use this with my OT kids. Sounds like a great fine motor activity. Thanks for all of your great ideas.

  6. I would like to win the iPad code. It looks like a great app to use with the kiddos at my private practice.

  7. I think this looks like an interesting way to work on cutting using the iPad. I would love the code to use with my students.

  8. Looks like a great app for fine motor and motor planning skills to use with my students on our ipad!!

  9. Hi, I was one of the recipients of the Cut the Buttons app for my I-phone. How to I upload the app using the authorization code on I-tunes?

    1. go to the main page menu of the app store. at the bottom there is a button that says redeem. You click on that and enter your code. Don’t search for the app, the code will know the app.

  10. I would love to try this with my OT kids. Would love a code for iphone :0)


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