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Ways to Encourage a Mature Grasp

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When writing, the most efficient way to hold a pencil is using three fingers (index, middle, and thumb) on the pencil, and move just the fingers to make the letters (this is called a dynamic tripod grasp).  There are many other ways to grasp the pencil, and some of them are efficient and functional as well.  The tripod grasp is just considered the most efficient, so it is the one that we try to achieve.  Here are some simple ways to help encourage the achievement of that tripod grasp.

Use broken crayons or short cut off pencils

broken crayon

Place a rubber band or a piece of coban around the pencil where you want the student’s fingers to hold.

coban on pencil

Have the student hold a small ball or small toy in their palm (writing charms)


Pick up a pencil video

Does a pencil grip help?

You would ideally have a little bit of wrist extension, so to encourage this you can write on a vertical surface or on a slant board.


Playing games with pinching clothespins and using chopsticks.

What is your favorite technique?

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