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Exciting Changes and Improvements

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I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring some changes and improvements to Therapy Fun Zone.  From the beginning, I have had a vision of having a great resource for therapists and caregivers, and I think that the site is definitely doing well.  I have tried different things over the years, and the site has changed as I figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are as a website manager.  My goal has always been to share ideas and foster creativity, and in doing that, the site has grown and gets a good amount of people visiting each day.  There are many therapists out there with a small number of products, and I thought that they might be able to benefit from the traffic that Therapy Fun Zone gets, so I have been working on making the shop area a space to share resources, activities, and products.

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I just recently switched over to a new shopping cart for the Shop, and have made it so that it is not just one shop, but multiple virtual shops combined into one store-front.  Other therapists have opened their shops, and are working on adding their products.  I am very excited about the potential for having resources easy to find and use. 

Come and open your own shop. 

It is easy and free to open your own shop.  You can share resources that you have made or products that you have created.  You can share free things or items that must be purchased. 

Whether you are an OT, PT, SLP, or you do home therapy with your own child, come join in the group here at Therapy Fun Zone and become a shop owner.  It is simple to do, and can recharge and build that creative bug.

At Therapy Fun Zone you can set up your shop and instead of selling your few products on your own site by themselves, you can join other therapists on a site with lots of traffic.

It is free to open your own shop and you keep 70% of the sales while Therapy Fun Zone keeps just 30%.  This is a better rate than selling wholesale.

All it takes is a few clicks to join the site and open your own shop.  You can sell digital downloads or physical products , and set your own shipping rates.  You can keep track of your sales through your store account, and Therapy Fun Zone will send you your profit percentage once a month through paypal.  Earn 70% of your total sales while benefiting from the web traffic at Therapy Fun Zone.  Just register for an account, and when you register sign up to become a seller.  Start sharing resources the same day. 

A great way to share home programs and activities with other therapists.

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