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no prep fun writing task

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Today we have a quick and simple writing activity that requires little to no preparation or planning. All you need is paper and pencil (or other writing tool). It may seem like just a writing activity, but you have other skills incorporated just by where you put the paper.

First I wrote 6 words onto half sheets of paper and placed them in different spots around the room. You could tape some on the wall to get some vertical surface writing too.

Then I gave the kids their own piece of paper and pencil and had them search the room for the words that were placed around the room. You can have the kids search the easy way, or have them search using animal walks or scooter board (depending on how high you put the words).

When the kids find the words, they write them onto their paper. They can write against the wall, on a table, or on the floor, depending on where the words were placed.

Once all of the words are found and copied, the kids come back to their seats and make up sentences using the words that they wrote.

If there is time at the end, I will sometimes have the kids trade their papers and see if they can read their friend’s writing. If they find it difficult, they can give suggestions on how to fix it to make it more legible.

There are some days where you need an activity that is fun, easy, and requires no extra tools.

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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