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Tissue Tree

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Start with drawing a tree trunk and some bare branches.  You can do this beforehand, or you can have the client do this.

tissue treeweb You then need to have little squares of tissue paper cut.  We used green, but you could use fall colors, or be creative with colors. 

The next step is to roll or crumple the pieces of tissue paper and glue them on the branches.  One of the kids doing this craft wrapped the tissue around her finger and placed it neatly on the tree.  The other child crumpled up the tissue using one hand and placed it on the tree.  Both techniques worked on fine motor skills, and both trees looked good at the end. 

tissue tree 2webVisual perceptual skills are used when placing the the tissue in the right place.

tissue tree 3webThe careful wrapping of the tissue around a finger uses bimanual skills while the crumpling technique uses in hand manipulation.  Tip pinch is used when picking up the little squares of tissue paper.

tissue tree 4web

tissue tree 5web


  • Paper
  • brown marker
  • tissue paper
  • glue


  • fine motor
  • in hand manipulation
  • bimanual skills
  • visual perceptual

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