Favorite Summer Toy: Six Water Play Tools for Fine Motor Skills

A group of therapist bloggers have gotten together to share what our favorite summer toys or activities are.  This post is about my favorite summer toy, which is playing with water via squirt guns and other water tools.  In order to see all of the other favorite summer toys, you have to go to each of the other therapist’s blogs. Now here are my favorite summer toys and activities. Summer is all about water to me, and I try to {Read More}

Using a Water Gun to Propel a Ball

I had recently used water guns to fill up a cup with water and make a ping pong ball rise. I was trying to think of other activities that use water guns because they can really work on hand strengthening. I had the guns, and I had the balls, so I had a group of kids that I work with try propelling the balls by squirting the water jet at them. It worked wonderfully and targeted both gross and fine {Read More}

Squirt Guns for Finger Strengthening

Squirt guns are good for working on finger strengthening, and they are fun too. A game that is fun to play with squirt guns uses a cup, water, squirt gun, and a ping pong ball. In this game, you fill the cup up most of the way with water and put the ping pong ball in the cup. Then you use the squirt gun to fill the cup up the rest of the way until the ping pong ball falls {Read More}

Using Sidewalk Chalk and Squirt Guns for Fine Motor

Playing with sidewalk chalk can work on and use a lot of different skills during therapy, and is a good activity. Using short pieces of chalk forces the fingers to use a tripod grasp, by using the index, second finger, and thumb. Writing on the sidewalk is also good for range of motion because the client has to get down to the ground to write. If you don’t want to write on the ground, you can write on the walls {Read More}