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Wild Animal Clothespin Game

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One of our favorite games is the Ocean Animal Clothespin game, so I made a variation of the game named the Wild Animal Clothespin Game, with some different animals so the kids can enjoy working on finger strengthening using clothespins while having fun.  We also have some question cards and action cards to help have conversation and possibly write answers.


So you need to have some flat bottom decorative marbles to send down the bowling grid.  There are three different grids; one with just numbers, one with letters, and one with words.  The square that you land on has a number that tells you how many legs to add to your animal, then you can write the letter or word to work on practicing writing.  If you want to work on conversation, you can draw a question card or a movement card.


The winner of the game is the one who gets all eight of the animal legs first.  The kids really love the action of bowling with the flat marbles, and the fun minimizes the dislike of practicing writing.


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