A Cute Car Mat T-Shirt

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I love having kids drive on roads on the ground to help them develop their sense of space and direction and to help with following lines, which is all a precursor for writing. I use road writing lines to help kids who love cars learn their letters, and have posted about car mats. These cute road t-shirts are awesome for working on all of these skills and then also incorporating some socializing and interaction between the driver and the wearer of the shirt.


Check them out, these shirts are so cute and made by BKY Kid. They can be ordered in a set of parent and child sizes. It gives a unique sensory experience having someone drive a car around the roads on your back. There is also a shirt that has numbers to drive around, and it provides a unique visual perceptual experience to find the numbers and drive through them.


One of my favorite things about a car mat is having kids search for the place that they are supposed to drive to next. These shirts have places on them for kids to drive to, like the playground and the car wash. I love the challenge for little ones to figure out what road they need to follow to get to where they want to go.

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