Sentence Memory With Chopsticks

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I have been doing this sentence memory activity periodically with a small group of kids. I decided to do it again and add the challenge of chopsticks along with the sentences. To summarize, I have the sentences typed on a piece of paper, and the words on pieces of foam with magnets on the back.

I show the kids the sentences, and then cover up the sentence. They have to then look at the words on the table and pick them out in the right order with the chopsticks, and place them on the magnetic white board.

I have done a little test with one of the students, and had him try to write the sentence right after I showed him the typed sentence. He could not remember the whole sentence in order to write it. After he searched for the words and placed them on the white board, I hid the sentence again, and he was able to wrote it. Working out ways to help the kids be able to copy from the board easier.


  • Sentences
  • magnetic words
  • paper
  • pencil
  • chopsticks


  • visual memory
  • handwriting
  • fine motor
  • visual perceptual

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