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Bugs In a Jar Craft

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I started this craft thinking it would be so cute to cut out bugs and glue them onto a bug box like you caught the bugs.  This morphed into a jar, because a jar is see through, and a bug box is not.  It then morphed into a full game with clothespins and everything, but I will talk about that next week.  I wanted to have the game done this week, but time is running out and I have to get a post up.

Cut out bugs and glue in the bug jar. good fine motor craft

With this craft, I have just my usual activity base paper.  I printed the bug jar right on the base paper so that the bugs could be cut out and glued right into (on) the jar.  You can either color the bugs, or have them already colored.  The is a white jar version, and the blue jar.  The file is all one pdf so you have to pick which pages you want to print out.



  • Fine motor
  • writing
  • Scissor cutting



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  1. What are the lines on the side of the jar for? Is that part of the clothes pin part that is yet to come? I have used this with one student already this morning, LOVE IT

    1. I use the lines for the kids to write something about the craft. With this one I have them write names of bugs, or characteristics of bugs, or things they like about bugs. You can have them write anything really.

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