Teaching Shoe Tying: Tips and Tricks

Tying shoes is a very complex skill that can be very difficult to learn. There are so many skill areas that are used when tying shoes, that if you have a deficit in one of those skills, then you will have trouble tying shoes. Not only does it require fine motor skills, you need good visual perception, and good visual motor abilities, bimanual hand use, and hand strength. Here are some tips that can help when teaching tying shoes. 1. {Read More}

Button Snake

When learning to button, it is easier to button large buttons on fabric that you are holding rather than fabric that is on your body. In order to practice this skill, I made a “button snake”. It is a very simple activity of squares of fabric with button holes in the center. I then stitched a large button on one end of a piece of ribbon, and a smaller button on the other end. The large button is a stopper, {Read More}

Button Push Ins

When working on buttoning skills, there is a progression of skill mastery. Pushing buttons or coins into a container is the first step. Putting coins into a piggy bank slot is the easiest, and then pushing buttons or coins into a recycled butter tub is the next. One reason using the butter container is good is that when you cut the slot, you just slice the container so that the hole that you put the buttons into is just a {Read More}

Felt Pizza to Work on Button Skills

I have a client that needs to work on buttoning skills, and I found that I do not have many buttoning activities that are appropriate and fun for older kids. When I heard another therapist mention that the pepperoni pizza buttoning activity is her favorite, I searched the internet and came up blank. I therefore made my own. Here is my felt pizza buttoning activity. I used different colors of felt for the different pizza toppings. There is yellow cheese, {Read More}

Using Stickers in Therapy

When pulling up pants or getting your shirt aligned, or trying to get your socks on, sometimes it is just hard to reach some spots. I am not sure why, but stickers are a big motivator for kids. Some children with tactile hypersensitivity do not like having stickers put on their skin, which of course is an indicator that they need to have it done to them more often. Can’t reach your bottom? Can’t get to your bra strap? Can’t {Read More}