Lincoln Logs

A lot of typical play activities can be considered therapy.  Lincoln Logs are a classic toy that incorporates all of the best parts of playing with toys.  They use imagination, and when building your house, you use visual perceptual skills.  You of course have to use fine motor skills in order to put everything together.  This sample is an archer’s station.  Notice the indians with their bows ready to shoot. Materials: Lincoln Logs Imagination Skills: Fine Motor Visual Motor Looking {Read More}


When playing dominos in therapy, we don’t usually play the game of dominos . Instead we line them up to knock them over. Lining the dominos up on end requires fine motor precision in getting them to stay in place. It also takes eye hand coordination and visual perceptual skills to get the dominos lined up properly. Then the fun part is knocking them over and seeing them fall down in a row. You can make it simple or detailed {Read More}

Marble Maze

Keep in mind that marbles are a choking hazard so you have to watch little ones around them. That said, little ones love watching the marbles go down the ramp. There are some ramps with larger balls that are safe for the younger set. There are multiple levels of therapeutic value with a Marble Maze. Starting with the basic skills, it encourages reach and grasp to pick up the marbles and place them on the maze. Motor control and visual perceptual {Read More}

Bouncy Balls and Cups

This can be a wild bouncy ball activity. Be prepared to chase balls everywhere. You stand at one end of a table with the client at the other end. You then roll Bouncy Balls one at a time across the table, and the client has to catch them in a cup as they roll off of the table.  If you have more than one person at a time, they can do the activity together.  This would be a great game {Read More}

Crayola Model Magic

I love Crayola Model Magic as a type of modeling clay, but I love it more because it has many other uses. As a modeling clay, it has more resistance than play-doh, so it requires more strength to pinch and poke it. It air dries, and is very light once it has dried. I have made pencil grips out of it, and have used it on resting hand splints as a finger separator. Since it is light, it didn’t add much {Read More}