2011 Year In Review, most popular posts and pages

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The year is over, so in review, here is a list of the most popular pages on Therapy Fun Zone for 2011.

  1. Apraxia or Motor Planning 
  2. Pencil Obstacle Course
  3. Bilateral Integration
  4. Shop Pencil Adventures
  5. Handwriting
  6. Cutting Templates
  7. Fine Motor Skills
  8. In Hand Manipulation
  9. Pencil Grip

The above list is the most popular pages that people go to.  Next we have a list of the most popular individual posts.

  1. Pencil Obstacle Course
  2. Pencil Grip
  3. Scissor Cutting Turkey Template
  4. 10 Activities to do on a Scooter Board
  5. Coloring at a Higher Level
  6. Felt Pizza to work on Button Skills
  7. Snow Man Dressing
  8. Writing Charms
  9. Button Snake
  10. Button Push Ins

Then to round it off with a bit of a teaser.  I do have more pencil obstacle courses that I have been making, but haven’t had the time to digitize them.  I will work on that more, and hopefully get those out to everyone.

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