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A smaller munchy ball pet

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For some little hands, the Munchy Ball is a little too big, and a bit hard to squeeze but it works on so many great skills.  I have searched for smaller balls to use, but have not had any success in finding ones that would work. When working with one of my students, I really wanted something that was the right size for his hand, and something that he could use to strengthen his hands when I’m not there to make sure that his joints stay in good alignment during the exercises, so I made a Munchy Pet.

I had created the tongs tip pinch tool, but it is a little too hard for one particular student to squeeze with the correct alignment due to his weakness. The Munchy Ball is a perfect shape to maintain the joints, but this little guy needs a little smaller ball for his small hands in order to get the optimal position.

In order to keep the joints in good position while exercising, the mini Munchy ball pet is easier to squeeze than the regular vinyl Munchy Ball. I am planning on making different stiffness balls, but am starting with just an easy small ball since it has been missing from my therapy tools.

It is much easier to do a home exercise program when the tool gives the feedback of opening its mouth, and it is easier to give kids the directions to feed the ball five coins than to just squeeze a ball five times. The Munchy pet is made out of 100% skin safe silicone and the molds are hand-made. You can find them in the store with the regular Munchy Balls. They are also available in two different stiffness, the blue is soft and easy, and the yellow is a medium stiffness.

here is a video of the Munchy Ball in action.

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