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Coloring at a higher level

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Coloring pictures is good for hand strengthening, and visual motor skills. I have some coloring pages that will challenge anyone’s fine motor skills and visual motor/visual-perceptual skills. These are called altair designs, and I have a book that my mother gave me from when she was an art teacher. As you look at the designs, you see different patterns. How you color the picture will bring out a different pattern. I have an example of one that I colored in two different ways, and it has a completely different look to it. It is easiest to use colored pencils because some of the designs require a lot of detail.

altair design 8 gray

I colored this first picture two different ways.

altair design 010

altair design 011




  • Fine motor
  • Hand strengthening
  • Visual motor
  • Visual perceptual

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  1. I love these coloring pictures. My son had to color by number, similar type designs for his vision therapy (he has SPD that includes visual/ small motor delay). But, because he had to follow the numbers, there were many times that he didn’t want to color. But, showing him that HE can choose the patterns to create by his own color choice, he likes the idea of coloring these pictures. Can’t wait to give it a try.

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