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Piggy Bank

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Money money money money. MONEY. Sorry, got distracted by a song in my head.

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You don’t have to be limited by access to a piggy bank. Money is great for in-hand manipulation, and you can just reach into your pocket and use the coins that you have. I carry around a little bank with fake coins because I don’t want to have to go digging in my wallet every therapy session.

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Pick up coins with one hand, one at a time, and move them to the palm of the hand until you have a handful of coins. Then move them back to the finger tips one at a time and place them in the bank (or cup, or jar, or coffee can, or film canister) without dropping any of the coins.

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Money (the noisy kind although I’d love to have more of the quiet kind)


  • Fine motor
  • In-hand manipulation


  • Do the same activity using any small object such as legos, cheerios, M&M’s, and any number of choking hazards (watch small children).

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