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Clothespin UNO

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 clothespin uno 1web

The ultimate Occupational Therapist stand-by, pinching clothespins. Man can that be boring. How about playing a card game along with pinching?

 clothespin uno 2web

The clothespins hold the cards, so you have to pinch high, pinch low, pinch left, pinch right. Don’t have too much fun playing the game that you forget to make them use both hands.

clothespin uno3web

I made this one from a spiral bound cardboard book. I had to attach some white paper so that the writing on the book wasn’t too distracting.

clothespin uno4web

I’m working on a more permanent stand to hold the cards, but this temporary one works for now.

clothespin uno 5web

Turns out, it’s a good perceptual motor task too because it can be hard to clip the cards in the right spot.

clothespin uno 6web

clothespin uno 7web


  • Card Stand (spiral bound cardboard book, or whatever you can find)
  • UNO Game (or other card game)
  • Clothespins


  • Finger Strength
  • Arm strength
  • Fine motor
  • Cognitive –game play
  • Perceptual motor

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