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Cooking For Therapy

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I am working on doing a feeding group and integrating some simple food play/cooking/interaction.  With the population that I am working with, there will not be a lot of full blown cooking involved, but we will have fun with food.  We will play with messy food, and make things out of food materials.

In my internet wanderings, I came across a website devoted to cooking with kids, and I may use some of their recipes.  They have some e-books about kids cooking classes and kids cooking camp.  I will see what I use.  There is also a blog on her site, and a lot of free recipes and cooking ideas.

As I do my cooking/fun with food groups, I will post more about it.


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    1. Oooh. I have not seen that site. Thank you for posting that. I will have to check that out more thoroughly soon.

  1. I just blogged about that website. It is amazing. Don’t forget to check out the resource page on adapted cooking tools.

  2. Thank you for the great post. I do completely agree with the author. The material will be very useful for everyone. Thank You

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