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Dycem: It’s the stickiest

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I haven’t used Dycem for years since I haven’t been in a clinic for years. When I work on my own and in other people’s houses, I tend to use whatever is available there. For those who don’t know what Dycem is, it is a sticky non-slip rubber that can be placed to stabilize objects, help open jars, keep plates from sliding, keep people from slipping, build up handles, etc. It is a really great product that can be used in many situations.

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I was sent some samples to try out, and when I opened the package I was surprised at how sticky it was. I hadn’t touched Dycem in years, and I apparently forgot just how strong, durable, and, well, sticky it is. This stuff out-does the rubberized shelf liner that I have been making-do with.

They have placemats, tray liners, coasters, jar openers, bottle openers, rolls, and some mats that have self-adhesive on one side in order to stick it to a surface permanently.

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I have a little girl that I see who slides down in her high chair on purpose, and then gets uncomfortable, and then gets upset. I am going to place a mat of Dycem under her bottom so that she will be stuck in a more comfortable position. Seriously, this stuff is so good, that her bum will stay in place.

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I am in love with the jar opener. I have been using a thin, flimsy rubber circle to help open jars. Dycem’s jar opener is thick and contoured to give you a much better grip on the jar lid. Back when I used to use Dycem in my clinic days, they only had the rolls. Now they have a variety of shapes and sizes.

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