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Rainbow Fine Motor Activities with Q-tip Painting

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It is fun to do rainbow activities as you can include color sorting and matching along with working on fine motor skills. I have done many different rainbow activities over the years, and have also incorporated a Q-tip painting template into my latest activity. Use a q-tip as your paint brush to put the right color dots onto the rainbow. This would work well to color in the dots with the right color as well in order to work on the dynamic movements of the fingers while coloring.

You can easily sort rainbow colored pom poms into a muffin tin using tongs or chopsticks, and I often will use the pom poms from the color pop game.

Tearing paper is a great fine motor activity to work on the strength and dexterity in the fingers, and it makes a really pretty picture when you tear different colored paper and glue the pieces onto a model to make a rainbow.

You can also easily make a rainbow out of felt to make a button rainbow for kids to layer their colors onto and work on buttoning skills at the same time.


Some of the fun activities that you can do with rainbow colors.




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