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More Q-Tip Painting Templates

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When I first gave a student q-tips to paint with, she did a lot of smearing and squishing of the paint on the paper.  She was working those fine muscles of the hand, but there was a little something missing from the picture.  It was a very nice masterpiece, but lacked the lovely dots that can be made when using a q-tip as your method of paint application.  Using q-tips to apply paint really helps force that tripod grasp that is used when writing with a pencil, so it is a great tool to use when developing these skills.  To give students an idea of what they are working towards, and to facilitate the q-tip painting process, I have created a couple more templates to use during painting.


You can find more q-tip painting templates here.  Now go out a do some painting.



  • fine motor
  • handwriting (tripod grasp)
  • visual perceptual


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