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Making it Fun With Munchy Ball

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I pick up a little girl from her classroom (we’ll call her Emily), so that I can do a fine motor evaluation, and this is the first time that she has met me.  I tell her who I am and what we will be doing and we head off to do our work.  Emily does some writing, and shows me how she can write her name, but when I pull out the Munchy Ball, she really comes alive, and becomes fully engaged and starts pretending the Munchy is eating the bugs and play bites her finger.  Munchy Ball has a power to engage kids so that it makes it easy to get them to participate in the tasks that aren’t quite as fun.


I love my Munchy Ball so much, and have had some of my students decorate their own ball in order to take it home and work on their hand strength while playing at home.  There is a new book out called The Munchy Ball Handbook, and it describes how to make your own Munchy Ball and includes all of my games that I like to play with the Munchy Ball.


As therapists, we all use similar toys and games to work on skills, but the Munchy Ball is a toy that many typical kids would enjoy if they knew about it.  That is why I made the handbook, so all kids can learn about the fun that they can have with a Munchy Ball.  Spread the word so the kids of the world can go out and make their own Munchy Ball friends.


My vinyl Munchy Balls are made from a 2 inch diamond bounce ball, and I have my students make and decorate theirs out of a tennis ball.

Need to buy your own Munchy Ball?



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