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Feed the Animal Fine Motor Activity

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I always love the fine motor activity of putting objects into a hole or slot, and it makes the task more fun and engaging when you are pretending to feed an animal.

feed the frog

Plastic deli containers or yogurt containers are perfect to cut a mouth or slit into and draw on a face in order to make it an animal to feed. I made a frog face out of felt and glued it on to the deli container lid. He has a slit for a mouth that is the perfect size to feed these cute little craft sticks to. I painted my sticks different colors using Kwik Stix paint sticks, and put a black spot on the end to pretend it is a fly.

feed the fish

I like to have different sizes of holes to promote different types of fine motor abilities. You can have some with round holes for putting little pom poms into, and others with slits in order to slide craft sticks into. I have some that are the perfect size to push buttons into for the button push-ins, and bigger holes for the ball push-ins.


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