Friday News May 6

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Here is a re-cap of the interesting news and activities that were shared this week:

An activity by Your Therapy Source, The new autism early screening checklist, handprint trees with pink spring blossoms, how the horse moves the rider in hippotherapy, soap and clean mud sensory tub, is it behavior or sensory, and visual perceptual activity by My Obstacle Course. Encourage fine motor, visual motor and bilateral coordination skills with this creative activity – string design.

A five-minute checklist that parents can fill out in pediatrician waiting rooms may someday help in the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (, according to a study funded by
And here is the Autism Screening Checklist.
Here is the autism early screening checklist.

Free Checklist | Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales Developmental Profile (CSBS DP) (Wetherb

The CSBS DP is an easy-to-use, norm-referenced screening and evaluation tool that helps determine the communicative competence of children with a functional communication age between 6 months and 24 months (chronological age from about 6 months to 6 years)
I think that I will do this activity with paper. I have done a similar tree, but I like the pink blossoms.

This is such a great idea! I have everything except the canvas around the house already too, love that you reused worn out items! We will be mailing these to grandma and nana this year, thanks for the inspiration!!

The motion of the horse is very similar to that of a humans walking gait. The movement of the horse manipulates the riders pelvis. This has profound therapeu…



OUR Journey Thru Autism: Is This Behavior a Discipline Issue or a Sensory One by Pediatric Occupatio

One of my favorite My Obstacle Course station activities is something I call, “Make the Same.” This is a station activity that I came up with to help

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